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Inspired by the medieval fortress city of the same name, Carcassonne is a modern classic tile-laying game with easy-to-learn rules and endless strategy.
Players take turns drawing and placing tiles to lay out the landscape of Carcassonne, placing meeples on the map as the medieval countryside grows.
Score points throughout the game by claiming and completing various features, including roads, cities, fields, and monasteries.
Place your tiles and meeples in clever ways to outscore your opponents. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!
The latest edition of Carcassonne includes 84 tiles that can be configured into countless combinations, including tiles from the original base game and The River and The Abbot expansions.
With endless configurations of tiles, Carcassonne is infinitely replayable. Players can also add expansions with additional rules, new features, and different tiles to customize each game!


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