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Cogs and Commissars is a clever card game of glorious robot revolution, where players control the means of production.

You are an inspirational leader! You might take the role of the Artificial Stalintelligence, Simulenin, or Gorobotchev, among others. You have your own faction and your own deck of cards.

On your turn, you grow your faction in two ways:

First, you produce more robot citizens.
Second, you use propaganda to sway citizens from other factions to join your own chrome-plated cause.

You also play cards to send rival robots to the gulag, promote citizens within your faction, revitalize production, and more. Each turn your actions make your faction grow.

Once you have enough citizens aligned with your algorithm, you launch your glorious robot revolution. Other factions struggle valiantly to keep you from achieving this goal — only the most stalwart robot faction can win above all others.

For the motherboard!

Like deep mastery? Cogs and Commissars also provides a deeper experience for veteran, expert, and TCG players:

Drafting options allow players to customize their decks and strategies.
Card effects and abilities interact in subtle, interesting, and powerful ways. These combos reward thought and imagination — there’s rarely an obvious or best play.
Each faction’s key ability suggests different strategies and tricks.

Easy to enjoy for all, each according to their need.

Number of Players: 2–6
Ages: 14+
Play Time: 30–45 minutes


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