Junji Ito Souchi Chibi Acryl Figure


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When studying up on black magic written in a dead language is one of your favorite extracurricular activities, you probably want to double check that nothing is getting lost in translation. If Souichi would have, maybe he would’ve succeeded in his attempt to create a voodoo doll instead of trapping himself in an Acryl Figure for all of eternity. Lucky for us, his loss is our gain. Featuring one of the creepiest children in manga hard at work on his occult instrument of torture, this is the type of figure that fans of Junji Ito would kill for.
Measures approximately 4″ tall from the base to the top of the figure
Includes (1) branded Junji Ito Collection acrylic base, and (1) Souichi Acryl figure
Features Souichi in chibi form


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