You’ve been in Anime and Things with the Mom in your family how many times? But while you were eyeing what you wanted, did you pay attention to what she was looking at? Never fear, Anime and Things knows what Mom is asking for this year (and we won’t tell her that you couldn’t quite remember)! In no particular order, here are some top items that Moms gush over when visiting our store.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas figurines – we have several designs in stock and Moms love them all. Perhaps the Jack and Sally Fated Romance statute that just arrived, or the Sally nutcracker is just right for the mom in your family. Can’t decide on one? We have many Pop Vinyl figurines from the movie, each cuter than the last!

2. Sailor Moon Monopoly – Moms love Sailor Moon and the brand new Monopoly game is available at Anime and Things. Pick up a copy for Mom and maybe a Sailor Moon necklace or coffee mug to go with it.

3. Fraggle Rock Pop Vinyl – We can’t tell you how many moms have started singing, “Dance your cares away, worry’s for another day” when they saw our collection of Fraggle Rock pops! Pick up a couple for mom before the supply runs out. We can’t promise she won’t keep singing the song, but you’ll definitely make her day!

4. Hello Kitty messenger bag – Sure your mom may not be in school any more (or maybe she is!), but moms need to carry lots of stuff – and some of it is yours! Get her a super cute Hello Kitty messenger bag and she can carry things in style. These can also be used as a laptop bag or even a diaper bag!

5. Studio Ghibli movies – Every mom has a favorite whether it be My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle. How about picking her up a copy of the movie on Blu-ray and the “Art of” book to go with it? You may even find a plush or accessory as well! Then invite mom to a movie night where you make the popcorn (and wash the dishes afterward!) she’ll love it!

6. Pusheen – How cute is Pusheen! Moms love Pusheen the fluffy grey cat and her little sister Stormy. We have lots of Pusheen items available including notebooks and stickers, coffee mugs, snow globe, and even a bowl and chopsticks set!

7. Eevee – Everyone’s favorite Pokemon character is Mom’s favorite too! We have lovable squishy plush Eevees as well as a warm cozy Eevee-shaped throw blanket. If your mom is a real Pokemon fan, consider picking up a copy of the Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook, updated in the summer of 2018 with all the latest Pokemon characters, facts and stats!

8. Harry Potter house scarf or coffee mug – Is your mom a brave Gryffindor or a loyal Hufflepuff? Maybe she’s a creative Ravenclaw or a cunning Slytherin? Whichever house she is, Anime and Things has a house scarf and coffee mug just for her! Throw in a new Harry Potter themed keychain and a Pop Vinyl figure of her favorite character and she can have a magical holiday season!

9. Candy! – Don’t forget about our candy selection! We have Japanese imported candies as well as a full line from Jelly Belly just waiting for you. How many times has your mom caved and bought you a Gummi Pet Rat or a bag a Guava Sour and Sweet Candy when you’ve asked her? Now it is her turn for a sweet treat from you! Try a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog, a bag of Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips Very Cherry, or Hello Kitty Chocolate Marshmallows. (Maybe she’ll even share.)

Really stumped, and don’t want to get it wrong? We don’t blame you! How about a gift certificate from Anime and Things and mom can pick out her own special gift!