After 2 months of festivities, Woodstock, Illinois is wrapping up its extra-long holiday season. In our neck of the woods, the holidays extend from Thanksgiving until Groundhog Day. Why Groundhog Day? Because Woodstock, IL was the filming location for the Bill Murray & Andie MacDowell classic, Groundhog Day. And Woodstock celebrates every year with walking tours, guest speakers, and 3+ days of celebration…not to mention the prognostications of our own Woodstock Willie the Groundhog! This year, we had an extra special Groundhog Day weekend in Woodstock with guest prognosticator Tom Skilling of WGN News joining Woodstock Willie to predict an early Spring. Sounds to me like it’s time to try a new release manga or two!

Here are some highlights from our new release shelf:

King in Limbo: Eight years have passed since the sickness known as “the Sleep” ended millions of lives. Now, after a dangerous procedure that involves diving into patients’ memories has ended the pandemic, Petty Officer Adam Garfield wakes up in a hospital to find an IED has taken one of his legs. But Adam’s plan to retire from U.S. Navy service and cash in his pension to goof around with his younger siblings is shattered when he receives secret word that the sleeping sickness has returned, and it’s his job to coax back the mysterious man who helped cure it the first time: a man known by the codename “King.” Omnibus edition includes Parts 1 and 2.

Modern Dungeon Capture Starting With Broken Skills (Light Novel): From Corporate Drone to Dungeon Explorer! Monster-filled dungeons have recently appeared in our world. When average office worker Mizuki Ryousuke gets transferred to the Japanese countryside, by the time he gets there, the office is gone and a dungeon’s sitting in its place! He finds a number of odd things when he ventures inside, like a fairy about to be eaten by goblins and a mysterious skill book that allows him to turn skills–even overpowered ones–into cards so he can use them at will! Rumors of Mizuki and his broken skills spread, and requests for him to hunt down rare items in other dungeons pour in. Where will Mizuki’s new career take him next?

Gachiakuta: Rudo lives in the slums of a floating town, where the poor scrape by under the shadow of the rich who live a sumptuous life, simply casting their garbage off the side, into the abyss. Then one day, he’s falsely accused of murder, and his wrongful conviction leads to an unimaginable punishment–exile off the edge, with the rest of the trash. Down on the surface, the cast-off waste of humanity has bred vicious monsters, and if Rudo wants to have any hope of discovering the truth and seeking vengeance against those who cast him into Hell, he will have to master a new power and join a group known as the Cleaners who battle the hulking trash beasts of the Pit!