In honor of Pride Month, Manga Mondays throughout the month of June will highlight LGBTQA+ graphic novels and manga. This week we look at titles with Asexual/Aromatic characters and themes.

I Want to Be a Wall: An asexual woman and closeted gay man enter into a marriage of convenience and learn to be newlyweds per society’s norms. Excellent representation of an Ace character. The manga is cute and funny.

Is Love the Answer: A coming-of-age story about a young woman discovering her identity as aromantic asexual. After having friends tell her “she just hasn’t met the one yet” she enters college and meets others like her and realizes her true self. We’ve had aro/ace customers return to the store raving about this book saying it is exactly how they feel!

How to Be Ace: Brave, witty and empowering, this graphic memoir follows Rebecca as she navigates her asexual identity and mental health in a world obsessed with sex. From school to work to relationships, this book offers an unparalleled insight into asexuality.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality: From the Quick and Easy Guide series, Asexuality explains what it means to be Ace, and that asexuality is a spectrum and means different things to different people – and that’s okay. The guide is both for those exploring their own asexuality as well as people who want to learn more.