Did you know that Anime & Things now has “book bundles” available both in store and online? Save 20% when you buy a bundle of volumes from the same series!

Our current offerings include:

Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl, volumes 1-6. This slice of life comedy follows the exploits of Yoshiko a mischievous, cheerful high school girl who is clueless both academically and socially.

Radiant, volumes 1-4. Originally a French comic series, it was adapted into a Japanese anime and manga. A fantasy action series.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re, volumes 1-6. A sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, it is the third season of the anime.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls, volumes 1-7. A slice of life rom-com by the creator of Princess Jellyfish. Will Rinko find the love she’s looking for?