Dungeon Base Set


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From our house brand, Square Dice Games, this Dungeon Base Set features over 40 pieces including:
3 Straight Walls, 2 Corners, 2 Curved Walls, 3 Narrow Halls, 1 Narrow Hall Corner, 1 Archway, 2 Doorways with removable doors, 2 2×2 Floor Tiles, Stairs with adapter, and 24 Purple Dragonbite™ Clips.

Scaled for 28mm gaming, these modular dungeon terrain tiles link to neighboring tiles with the included Dragonbite™ clips and can be re-arranged or combined with other DRAGONLOCK™ Ultimate tile sets. Our sets are unpainted and can be used as-is or painted!

The dungeon tiles and clips in this set are 3D printed in gray PLA which is a biodegradable, commercially compostable bioplastic. If you plan to paint your dungeon, pieces may require minor clean-up with a file or hobby knife, and we recommend a light coating of primer to help your paint adhere to the model.

DRAGONLOCK™ Ultimate tiles are 3D Printed under license from Fat Dragon Games. Tile Designs are Copyright © Fat Dragon Games. All Rights Reserved. Original .stl files of this model can be purchased from www.fatdragongames.com.


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