Gundam SEED Destiny DVD 12


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Gundam SEED Destiny 12 contains episodes 47-50 of the anime directed by Mitsuo Fukuda.
Having defeated Logos and the Earth Alliance, the triumphant Chairman Durandal now reveals his ultimate plan for humanity. The world reacts with confusion and horror to the details of the Destiny Plan, but Durandal has come too far to let anyone stand in the way of his dream of eternal peace and happiness. Using the weapons of his fallen enemies, the Chairman demonstrates that he will stop at nothing to create his new world.
The Archangel and its allies are now humanity’s last hope to prevent Durandal from carrying out his plans. Once again, a fierce battle begins around the Requiem cannon and its relay stations, and the Gundam pilots meet in a final confrontation over the lunar surface. Shinn against Athrun, Kira against Rey, Archangel against Minerva… In the end, there can be only one victor.


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