Gundam SEED Destiny DVD 5


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The Minerva docks at a ZAFT base where they are met by Chairman Durandal. Over a quiet dinner he talks with Althrun, Shinn and some of the other members of the crew. This conversation leads Shinn to reflect on the past, and the events that brought them to where they are now.

But understanding does not bring peace, and after another argument with some of this shipmates, including Athrun, Shinn heads ashore to get away for a bit. There, he meets a beautiful girl, and watches her fall into the ocean. He dives in to rescue her, and in turn then must wait to be rescued.

Meanwhile, the Alliance Forces gather, along with their Orb Allies, to launch an attack on ZAFT. The Minerva scrambles and prepares for battle. But unknown to either side, far beneath the waves, another group is going to try to put an end to the fighting.



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