Hey, That’s My Fish!


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In this fast-paced game of Antarctic antics, players control hungry penguins competing for their next meal on an bustling ice floe.
The latest edition of this game includes beautifully sculpted and updated penguin miniatures, along with new artwork.
Appealing to a wide age range, Hey, That’s My Fish! is perfect for casual family or tactical play. Do you have the skill to grab more fish than your feathered foes?
Compete For Your Next Meal!
Each turn, you’ll move one of your penguins in a straight line across the ice, trying to grab the most fish.
Mind The Gap.
After you’ve moved, you’ll remove the tile where your penguin started its turn, creating a gap that cannot be crossed and claiming these fish for yourself!
The Most Fish Wins!
As the ice floe starts to crumble, only the player who has collected the most fish will claim victory at the end of the game!
20 minutes
2-4 players
Ages 8+


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