I Kept Pressing The 100-Million-Year Button And Came Out On Top ~The Unbeatable Reject Swordsman~ Vol 1


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In an academy full of sword-wielding students aiming to perfect their craft, Allen Rodol stands out as the worst of the worst. Facing ridicule on a daily basis, Allen’s had just about all he can take. So when the academy’s top student, Dodriel Barton, mocks him yet again, Allen challenges him to a duel with one very risky condition – if he loses, he’ll have to drop out! His chances of winning are nonexistent, but everything changes when he’s given a button that will grant him a hundred million years in another world to practice to his heart’s content! Unsatisfied with just a single press, Allen keeps going back for more, and after training for over a billion years, he’s ready to show the world just how seasoned a sword master he’s become!


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