Kombo Klash!


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Welcome to Kombo Klash, the ultimate battle for animal supremacy for 2 to 4 players.
Animals with different abilities represent players at The Klash, allowing them to move, flip and return tiles to their hand.
Play tiles and create combos to score points, proving yourself in this ultimate test of wits and ability.
Each turn, players begin with a hand of five tiles. When it’s time for action, you must place at least one tile adjacent to another already on the board.
After placing a tile, you may choose to activate the Creature’s Ability. With eight different animals at your disposal, clever planning and placement will help you on the way to victory.
Flip a set of three of more adjacent Kombo tiles to score big points, but remember… you can only do this once per turn! Track your score using your tracker around the outside of the cloth gameboard, and battle your way to the win!


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