Little Witch Academia The Nonsensical Witch And The Country Of The Fairies Light Novel


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An original story based on the hit anime!

I’m Atsuko Kagari, but you can call me Akko! It’s been my lifelong dream to become. Awitch, and I came all the way from Japan to attend the prestigious Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. But then I found out all we ever do is study, study, study! I swear! What’s with this place?!

Well, we finally left our desks to go on a class trip to Doras Hill, and things were going smoothly for once!…That is, until I met the guardian of the hill, Sifla. Wait, whadja say, Sifla? Did your cat and dog run away from home? Don’t worry. Lotte, Sucy, and I will find them for you! After all, we’re three hearts that beat as one, right?


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