Modern Villainess It’s Not Easy Building A Corporate Empire Before The Crash Vol 1


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A woman is reincarnated as the villainess in a retro otome game…where she has to navigate the incoming Great Recession of 2008!

When the economy collapses in September 2008, an exhausted career woman’s fate is left in flux…until she’s reincarnated! Now she’s Keikan Runa—the villainous daughter of the Keika Group—in an otome game set before the pop of Japan’s economic bubble. Keika Group’s financial situation isn’t great: they’re on the verge of ruin if left unchecked. However, Runa is determined to save both Keika Group and Japan through risky, smart investments. Thanks to an interest in cold hard cash, knowledge of future technology, and her awareness of Japan’s real-world future doom, Runa might just be able to nip the looming economic collapse in the bud. Witness the rebirth of Japan’s economy as Runa uses her knowledge to save her new present from the future!


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