My Noisy Roommate The Roof Over My Head Comes With Monsters And A Hottie Vol 1


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When Osuke loses his home, a convenient opportunity presents itself–too convenient, because his new roommate is a hot blond guy with some weird ideas about the supernatural… If you thought Ghostbusters would’ve been way better as a BL, this is the manga for you!

Osuke’s excited about finally getting to live on his own, but on his first day in his new apartment, he finds himself kicked out onto the street! So, when a real estate agent appears out of nowhere offering him a beautiful, new place (with just a couple conditions), he jumps at the chance. But when he opens the door, a drop-dead gorgeous blond guy pops out! It turns out living with him is one of the conditions! His name is Nijio, and he tells Osuke that, not only are ghosts real, but Osuke himself is a magnet for all things supernatural…

Fans of FANGS, The Dragon’s Betrothed, and other tantalizing supernatural yaoi/BL couples–the door’s open, come on in!


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