Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol 2


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Sailor Moon: Short Stories volume 2 features story and art by Naoko Takeuchi.
This second collection of short stories actually consists of one long and two short tales. The first and longest story pays homage to one of the oldest folk tales of Japan, “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” Usagi’s faithful sidekick Luna is saved by and ends up developing a crush on an astrophysicist whose dream of becoming an astronaut has been dashed by heart disease.
His life is further complicated when he happens upon a mysterious crystal shard the same night he discovers a new comet. It turns out to be the vehicle of a malevolent power from the far outskirts of the galaxy that hopes to take over Earth.
In another story, Rei’s background and her unrequited feelings for her father’s executive secretary are revealed. The final tale is a total comedy that follows the children of Usagi and her fellow Sailor Guardians, proving that apples do not fall far from their trees!


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