Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries


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Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is a stand-alone game that sets players off on a Nordic adventure through Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as they connect iconic cities of the region.
Designed specifically for 2 or 3 players, Nordic Countries maintains the charm and strategy of other Ticket to Ride games and can be learned in only 5 minutes! Perfect for new and veteran players alike.
Players compete to gain the most points by claiming regular and special routes, including Ferries and Tunnels, and completing Destination Tickets!
The Locomotive card, a wild Train card that acts as any color, can now only be used when claiming Tunnels and Ferries, offering experienced players an unexpected twist.
Nordic Countries features an all-new, high-scoring, 9-space route featuring special rules allowing players to utilize 4 Train cards to represent any 1 card color.
Ferries also offer the benefit of using multiple Train cards to help complete the route, letting players use 3 Train cards to represent a Locomotive card.
The craftiest conductor will receive the coveted Globetrotter card for completing the most Destination Tickets! So, make sure you utilize all the new options to earn all the points you can!
Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries’ beautiful art and components will transport players from their table to a grand locomotive adventure!


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