Witch Hunter Robin Complete Series DVD


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In a world where deadly beings known as Witches prowl the streets, only a group of specialized hunters can take them down. They are the STNJ, and their crew is about to gain a brand-new member: Robin Sena, a powerful craft user and awkward 15-year old girl.

Between learning to control her fire and taking on the dangerous Witches, Robin must also find a way to get along with her cool aloof partner, Amon. Which is easier said than done. As they take on case after case, hunting Witches that threaten the city, Robin uncovers the reality about these deadly humans and the power they wield. And worse yet – the truth about herself. Suddenly, she’s on the opposite side of the hunt, and even the protection of Amon isn’t enough to keep her safe.

Forced into hiding, robin must seek the answers about her existence and the power of the Witches.


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